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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i never touched your child, she's lying. she tried to walk out of courtroom. she was sobbing. she had tissues in her hand. she told the court officers, i need to go. i can't stay here. they kept her in the courtroom. they gave her some water and waited for her to calm down. her attorney asked for a brief recession. that's why court is in recess right now. throughout this trial, this is much different. regusters has disinterested in the testimony. she hasn't been paying attention to the witnesses. for the first time today, we saw her break down in tears. she asked a court officer for a box of tissue. that's when her 11-year-old cousin was on the stand and testified she inappropriately touched her three times in the past starting when she was 8 years old. she shook her head and wrote notes to her attorney. her attorney tried to discredit the testimony. today we talked to tom kline, representing the 5-year-old
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victim's family in their sieve ill case. >> there was repeated attempt to shake this little girl's testimony implying it wasn't true and also through text messages from the little girl to ms. regusters. the little girl consistently stuck to her story and on redirect examination by the district attorney once again reiterated the story that on three separate occasions, she had been touched inappropriately. and that was something that she was not budging from one inch. >> reporter: regusters' young cousin said when she was touching the gust -- regusters told her this is how my dad used to touch me. in court we heard more about christina regusters' past. regusters told the court that she is -- herself is the victim of sexual abuse and has been
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abused several time ins past. there was a win for regusters' attorney today. the police officer who arrested regusters in this case did not read her her miranda rights. the statement obtained after her arrest cannot be used in court for now. live outside the criminal justice center, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. count on nbc 10 news to give you perspective about today's developments in court. new at 4:45, we will hear legal analysis on the trial from our legal expert. a little girl wanders philadelphia alone in the dark and in a thunderstorm. >> her mother says she was dropped off at the wrong bus stop. today the school called police on the mother when she started asking questions. lu ann cahn continues live outside the palmer charter school. >> what went wrong here? >> reporter: i have to tell you, we're not getting a lot of
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answers here. what we do know is that yesterday, around this time, a 7-year-old student at palmer charter elementary got on a school bus and then ended up lost and wasn't found for five hours. >> i have no comment. i don't know anything about it. >> reporter: you don't flknow anything about it? you know her child was lost? police say he is the guy that called officers to escort the mother and her children off the property. she says she just wants answers. >> yesterday, my child was somehow or another dropped off as a bus stop. they don't know what bus stop, they don't know what bus. they don't know anything. >> reporter: she said she told the school her 6-year-old son and her 7-year-old daughter were supposed to take the bus and get dropped off at 26th and tasker. her son never got on the bus and her daughter ended up at 20th and tasker. >> why did your daughter get off the bus there? >> she said the bus driver told
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her to leave. my daughter said there was never a man that flagged the bus down. >> reporter: police were called. no one could find her from 4:30 until 10:30 last night. she was finally found in the rain in this park at 32nd and reed, 12 blocks from where she was dropped off. >> she's crying. she's upset. she was scared. she was cold. >> reporter: the bus company says they are investigating. but the school district says drivers are allowed to let children off at bus stops without adults being present. >> no one has answers. because she's home safe so that we think and traumatized, it's okay. it's not. >> reporter: by the way, the police that came here this morning said this mother did nothing wrong. she had reason to be upset. it was the first day of school yesterday. so there might have about some miscommunication. we are pushing the school and the bus company for more answers. live in northern liberties, lu
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ann cahn, nbc 10 news. a pennsylvania turnpike worker is recovering after he was hit by a tractor-trailer here in montgomery county. sky force 10 over the scene. we're told the man was in his vehicle on the shoulder of the road when he was hit. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. the truck driver stayed on the scene. another accident that sent two people to the hospital. this on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. witnesses tell nbc 10 a car was broken down when another car smashed into it. a man working under the hood of the disabled car was thrown into the intersection by the impact. the tow truck driver rushed to help the woman and baby in the other car. >> i seen the car seat. as soon as i seen the car seat, i started taking the baby out of the car seat. then i told her to hold on while i get your baby out. then she was like, i can't move. my leg is broken. i told her to hold on to my neck area and just pulled her out of the vehicle and laid her on the ground until the cops came.
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>> everyone is expected to survive the injuries. police haven't said if they will file charges. a difficult new chapter for thousands of local workers left jobless this afternoon by casino closings in atlantic city. nbc 10 cameras were there as the laid-off workers lined up to file for unemployment. >> ted greenberg live in atlantic city this afternoon. >> tell us what types of services are being offered to those workers. >> reporter: they are getting help with applying for things like unemployment and health benefits and even more people are going to be in need when trump plaza closes in less than two weeks. >> i'm hoping that they can help me. >> reporter: hours before the doors opened, this woman was lined up with others now in dire straits after working as a dealer at showboat for 20 years, she's out of a job. >> it's devastating. it just hit me really hard. i have a family.
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single mom. >> reporter: to handle the volume of laid-off workers applying for unemployment all at once, atlantic city's largest casino union and other organizations opened this resource center today inside the resort's convention center. organizers expect to assist more than 5,000 people over the next three days, most from the just closed showboat and revel casinos. >> this is the calm in the middle of the storm. i would associate it to a natural disaster. this is an economic disaster. >> reporter: with more than 100 work stations, it's helping the newly jobless sign up for health benefits and prepare for reemployment. >> we will have training dollars. we're working with the federal government to apply for a grant that we hopefully will get. we got a similar one when sandy hit to retrain. >> reporter: when talking about hopes for the properties being sold soon, union's president
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lashed out at showboat's parent company. >> there are buyers who they refuse to sell to for a price that makes sense. i know that there's people out there that want to invest in atlantic city. >> reporter: i asked caesars about that claim. so far, the company has not provided a comment. the resource center will be open weekdays through next wednesday. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> let's look at the crisis by the numbers. when the showboat closed sunday, more than 2,000 portions were eliminated. 470 were hired by showboat's parent company to work at other properties. more than 3,000 lost their jobs when revel shut down yesterday. and now more than 1,000 will be unemployed when trump plaza closes in less than two weeks. 20 minutes of nonstop news with a big setback for local school athletes. >> someone set fire to their sports equipment days before
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their next game. two sheds that stored athletic gear were torched at exeter township school. >> that's not all they did. tell us about it. >> reporter: they strewn trash around the football field. they tore up banners. while the eagles are practicing for this friday night's home opener, they cannot help but notice just adjacent to the field the evidence of what happened last weekend. >> in this case, we don't have much to go on right now. >> reporter: police don't like it when they have to say that about a case. last saturday night investigators say somebody splashed something flammable on athletic storage sheds next to exeter high school stadium and torched it. >> the football equipment alone is going to be somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 to replace all of it. >> reporter: the blocking sleds and pads and footballs, not to mention track and field hurdles and the pads for poll vault and
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high jump all gone. >> it seems odd this comes out of the clear blue sky. it seems quite intentional to go and damage that type of property like that in that manner. >> reporter: exeter is left with a pile of melted equipment days before their home opener against unionville. >> it's a very big hit in an age where you count every penny and you are saving every bit of money that you can to have to go out and spend money that wasn't budgeted for. >> reporter: the question very quickly became, could they even go ahead with this friday's home opener. we will look at that coming up tonight at 5:00. live in exeter township, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> we will see you at 5:00. a 14-year-old girl injured in a car crash over the weekend has died. she passed away this morning. she was with four other soccer players in mainland regional high school. it happened saturday morning on
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route 40 in hamilton township. the other girls were treated and released from the hospital. the teen driving the car saved the lives of the other passengers with her actions behind the wheel. a viewing is scheduled tonight for one of three bucks county teenagers killed in a crash over the weekend. family and friends will come out to remember cullen keffer. his friends sha s were killed crash. a 15-year-old girl from new york was behind the wheel of her father's suv when it went off the road near lake wallenpaupack in the poconos saturday. investigators say charges are pending. all three would have been sophomores at council rock south high school this year. a new school year began today with a moment of silence. during a vigil last night, friends shared stories and memories of the three teens who died. caught in the act, police say they arrested two men in the middle of a burglary in south jersey and connected them to many more crimes. investigators say they approached the men in pine hill
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and then they took off in a car almost hitting several detectives. the two were stopped is a short distance away. police say they are responsible for burglaries and thefts. they are charged with 12 burglaries since june. from our delaware bureau, the side entrance to the new castle county courthouse is open for the first time since a deadly shooting. a fence had blocked access to the door for the past 18 months. there's now new security at the courthouse part of a $500,000 renovation project. a man killed his daughter-in-law and her friend in february of 2013, then he exchanged shots with security before he killed himself. his son david was in custody -- in a custody and child support dispute at the time. federal charges are pending against the rest of the family. they are accused of conspiracy
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and cyber stalking. all three have pleaded not guilty. joe biden says america will follow the terrorists who killed two journalists to the gates of hell. the white house confirmed video the journalist killed by isis confirms it's authentic. now they are examining the video to track down the killer. the executioner appeared to be the same militant who beheaded james foley two weeks ago. the video suggested that a british hostage could be the next to die. the white house authorized more troops to be sent to iraq. >> those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> the president is traveling to the nato summit in wales.
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pressure builds on him and the white house to take action. new information about a third american infected with the deadly ebola virus. 51-year-old dr. rick sacra was delivering babies in liberia. he remains in liberia. he's doing well in isolation and in good spirits. it's not known whether he will return to the u.s. for treatment. one of the two american missionaries who recovered from ebola is talking for the first time today. nancy writebol contracted the disease. she was treated at emory university hospital in atlanta until she recovered enough to be released last month. she believes an experimental drug, her medical care and her faith helped save her. >> there were many mornings i woke up and thought, i'm alive. there were many times when i thought, i don't think i'm going to make it any more. >> they are free of the virus but still recovering. in an interview with matt lauer,
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brantly recalls the moments when he realized he might not >> i said to the nurse who was taking care of me, i'm sick, i have no reserve, and i don't know how long i can keep this up. and i said, i don't know how you are going to breathe for me when i quit breathing. that was the reality. i thought, i'm not going to be able to continue breathing this way. >> the outbreak is the worst in history. it has infected more than 3,500 people and killed more than 1,500. happening now, new jersey governor chris christie is in mexico city. >> it's the first stop on his official trade mission to the country. he will travel with a is 15-tea delegation on this trip. his schedule is jam packed. he is spending his first day meeting with the u.s. ambassador
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to mexico. he is delivering two speeches including a keynote address on the relationship between mexico and the u.s. the trip will be paid for by choose new jersey, that's an independent non-profit corporation that's part of the state's economic development organization. cory booker is ramping up his re-election campaign. booker held a kickoff event this morning at camden county college, one of three campaign events today. the former mayor was elected last year to serve the remainder of late senator frank lautenberg's term. a pole showed he may have a tighter race than they expected. it showed booker was ahead of a little known republican by ten percentage points. quite a change in the sky and quite a change in the way it felt during the day today.
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we have brief relief from the heat and humidity. it's not going to stay like this for too long, because summer is going to return. 90-degree temperatures and very high humidity. and we will get into that eagles forecast. things are going to change over the weekend. saturday is not going to be the same as sunday. look how hot it has been for a while. 84 so far today for the high. we may go up a few degrees tomorrow. the humidity will actually be going down. right now we see temperature, 84 degrees. it feels like 84. there's no wind. relative humidity very low. it's six degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. it is in the 80s pretty much throughout the area, except for the 78 in mount pocono, 79 in lancaster. 86 in northeast philly. one of the warm spots. let's see how the shore areas are doing. we have a little bit of a sea breeze going on.
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so it's a little bit cooler than in some of the inland areas, for example. and in general, where he about five to ten degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. this morning, that was more like ten to 12 degrees cooler. we have a lot of sunshine now. th a few high, thin clouds. there's nothing on the radar. showers back to the west. not even into chicago. we have a long way to go. in this case, we're going to be seeing not just rain move in but i think develop on top of us. it's not going to be happening during the day tomorrow, these for sure. there we are, hardly a cloud in the sky tomorrow. then friday morning is a different story. the clouds come in. perhaps a couple of showers in the morning. a little better chance in the afternoon. not necessarily widespread, not necessarily talking about thunderstorms.
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that is a different story. that's for saturday. for the eagles, it's looking like it's going to be drying out during the afternoon on sunday. so the conditions should be pretty good. humidity down from saturday. way better sunday than saturday. clear and comfortable tonight, 67 for the low in philadelphia, 55 north and west. during the day tomorrow, sunny and warm. low humidity. high temperature in the mid to upper 80s. and the seven-day forecast, that's it. one more day of relative comfort. the humidity jumps up on friday. then a chance of afternoon showers. but saturday, hot, humid, with the thunderstorms, into saturday night. it looks like it's drying out on sunday. as you can see, much cooler. better football weather sunday, that's for sure. and then fairly comfortable for the beginning of next week.
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a statue stained. questions about this historic local monument vandalize and left red-handed. broadening their boundaries. crime concerns have one local college campus expanding its patrols. we will tell you what they are doing to add an. tra layer of protection for students and staff. plus this -- >> i thought i was going to die. then i lived. >> she was shot while sleeping. as this south jersey girl begins a new chapter of her life, she still lives in fear. the quit campaign. a pharmacy stops selling a popular product. they are asking customers to join them in their efforts to kick a certain habit.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins! temple university is expanding the area covered by campus patrols. >> in in an effort to improve response time.
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look at the new coverage area. the western boundary of temple's patrol area is extending. the eastern boundary will be ninth. the northern susquehanna and jefferson to the south. the public safety team includes 215 full-time employees, sworn police officers and staff as well as 250 securiity personnel. this began as a pilot program last month. it becomes permanent now. officials say the decision comes after discussions with students, parents, faculty and local residents about ways to improve security. from trenton today, police are looking for some vandals. look at what they did to this statue of george washington. his hands have been painted red. it happened over the labor day weekend. the hands are at least 20 feet above the street. the statue was first displayed in philadelphia in 1876. bombshell testimony against a philadelphia kidnapping
4:25 pm
suspect. >> our top story this afternoon. a young cousin of christina regusters says the woman touched her inappropriately in the past. regusters is on trial for the abduction and sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl last year in philadelphia. this afternoon -- >> my summer activities, i couldn't do much of that. >> no swimming? >> no swimming. no nothing. >> she was shot while she slept. now she tries to move on with her life. the one place this south jersey girl just won't go. relief from the steamy conditions. but for how long? the return of the humidity and storms in my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. toasting liquor sales. all new on nbc 10 news today at 5:00, why the state of pennsylvania is raising a glass to 2014. what a new cash infusion means for state workers.
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right now at 4:30, fear follows this south jersey teenager nearly two months after a crime that stole her summer. she was shot as she was in her own bed. >> nbc 10's reporter cydney long is live outside the police department in camden county. >> it looks like police got a break in the case just as this young victim gets ready to head back to school? >> reporter: that is correct. we just got new information within the last hour or so. we found out from the prosecutor's office that three individuals are in custody. they are not charged with the shooting itself. we understand that they are connected to a gun that was recovered from the scene of that gunfight in that neighborhood the night that the young lady was hurt. in the meantime, she says she
4:30 pm
will never forget what happened. but she may be willing to forgive. sgli thoug . >> i out in i wthought i was go. >> reporter: a bullet pierced her ball, striking her in the buttocks. she showed us the scar from surgery to remove what doctors said appeared to be an ak 47 round, doing distance that could affect her future. >> she lost one much her ovaries. they had to reconstruct her bowel. it was a lot of damage to her abdominal area. >> reporter: what hurts? >> my stomach. when i walk for a while, my back side hurts. >> reporter: she won't step foot in the bedroom. >> i'm sleeping with my sisters. they are with me. i feel safer with my sisters. >> reporter: her summer spent healing, not to play. >> my summer activities, i couldn't do much of that. >> no swimming. >> no swimming. no roller coasters, no nothing.
4:31 pm
>> she's coming along medically. but mentally, i see a change. we have gone for therapy. >> reporter: she begins eighth grade tomorrow. she wants whoever pulled the trigger to start a new chapter, too. >> i go to school with a positive attitude. i know that i have something better to do in life. >> reporter: her mom anxious for the suspects to turn themselves in. >> it makes me angry and unsafe because i feel like the perpetrators are looking at me. >> reporter: coming up 30 minutes from now, since police here are working closely with the office of the camden county prosecutor's office, what specifically are they doing to secure that arrest in this shooting? i will share it with you. we talked to the detective sergeant a few minutes ago. i will have it for you at the 5:00 hour. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. some of the stories making headlines at 4:00 today.
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an outburst in the trial of the woman accused of kidnapping and raining a young child. regusters began yelling in court during her cousin's testimony. the woman said regusters touched her young daughter in an inappropriate way. she yelled, i never touched your child, she's lying. she's accused of taking a 5-year-old in 2013. a philadelphia mother wants answers after her 7-year-old daughter is dropped off by a school bus in the wrong stop. today, when her mother went to the palmer charter school for answers, they called police on her. the bus company says it's investigating. thousands it of laid-off casino workers lined up for unemployment today. organizations opened a resource center inside the convention center today. former employees are getting help with applying for unemployment and health benefits. police want to know who
4:33 pm
torched these athletic storage sheds destroying sports equipment. investigators say the arsonist splashed something flammable on sheds next to exeter high school stadium saturday. the superintendent said the football equipment alone could cost up to $20,000 to replace. the love park fountain. a beautiful green today. it's in honor of the eagles who have their home opener this sunday afternoon against jacksonville. a colorful way to cheer on the birds. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> a nice break. but we shouldn't expect it to last, right? >> that's right. we have today and then we have tomorrow will be relatively comfortable. and then it's back to summer. you can see the beautiful live shots we have here. the weather is great across the entire area, at least for most folks. some people like the heat and humidity. the sunshine returning across
4:34 pm
much of the area. a few high thin clouds. no rain anywhere nearby. so we're in pretty good shape for tonight and tomorrow. 84 right now in philadelphia, wilmington 86. 84 in georgetown. we don't have any place close to 90 degrees. the feels-like temperature isn't even close to 90 either. we were at 100 in dover yesterday at this time. that's 16 degrees cooler, at least the way it feels. by 6:00, it's 82 degrees. 8:00, 78. the humidity is way down. going to be a delightful night. we will tell you when the heat and humidity returns along with the thunderstorm that are going to affect part of the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. sky force 10 over the scene of an accident involving a school bus this morning. police say a pickup truck and the bus crashed here. the driver and a student on the
4:35 pm
bus -- the driver and one student, i should say, were on the bus but no one was hurt. philadelphia firefighters looking into what sparked eed ae overnight. the day care center rented this space but hadn't moved in yet. no one has hurt. a new way to get from grand rapids to philadelphia. american airlines started flying between the two cities today. it's now the nation's largest airline. using the airwaves to help kids battle illness. in wilmington for the fourth annual help our kids radio -tho. they broadcast live from the hospital today. the event raises thousands of
4:36 pm
dollars for the hospital. money that goes directly to patient care and family programs at the hospital. ♪ special celebration today to remember the father of the american navy. a marker unveiled along penns landing in honor of john berry. he was the first commissioned navial officer. he was appointed by president george washington in 1797. today anxious moments for a south jersey woman. >> she's hoping to see her name in lights and a seven-figure pay out. we will explain. the new rules. a famous pharmacy taking a stand with popular products. they are not for sale here anymore. outburst in the courtroom. a family member points the finger of blame at a local woman on trial for kidnapping and abusing a little girl. our legal analyst braeaks it down. scares in the air.
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birds colliding with planes today at a busy new york airport. hear the connection to the miracle on the hudson.
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the barnes foundation wants kids to judge p into art. they are launching a fee app. the gallery showed a preview of the app today. the official launch is sunday. free adz mission to the gallery on sunday. the app allows you to do different art adventures to find a gold key. it wins you the game and unlocks a special room where you can create your own art gallery. a south jersey waitress will find out tonight if she's closer to stardom. >> and a million dollar las vegas act as well. ♪ >> that's kelly glover performing last night on "america's got talent." her performance got mixed row views.
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she got more support from heidi and howie. america has voted and those results will be revealed tonight. the judges could play a role. they was the option to save one act. ♪ >> if kelly makes it to the finals, this would be one of her competitors. the girl advanced to the finals last week. will kelly advance? track her on her journey. the show all begins tonight at 8:00 only here on nbc 10. emotions and finger pointing in a philadelphia courtroom. >> family friction boils over when a cousin accuses a local woman charged with kidnapping and assaulting a little girl. live legal analysis of today's developments. stopping sales. a major pharmacy chain changes
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course. the uncomfortable summer weather is about to make a return. i'm tracking the chance for showers and storms. get the time line in my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, dramatic decision. new research showing more women are choosing a radical approach to treat breast cancer. why doctors say it's not a magic bullet approach. huh, fifteen minutes could
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save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great? hmmm...what should we do? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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recapping our top story today. an emotional outburst in court for the woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl last year. christina regusters yelled in court after a relative accused her of abusing her daughter. she made the statement she made will not be admissible because an officer failed to read her her miranda rights.
4:46 pm
>> let's start with the miranda rights. we know everyone is supposed to be read their rights. how important is this in the case? >> it's very important. we know the most common phrase of you have a right to remain silent. people think that you have to have those rights read to you to be arrested. that's not how it works. if and after you are arrested or you are put into custody those rights have to be read to you before questioning can then proceed. now, you have a right to waive that privilege to remain silence. it has to be knowing, voluntary, it has to be proven that you understood that you had a right to remain silent and you gave up that right. this n this case, the defense was able to score a win by being able to say that she wasn't aware of her right to give up the right to remain silent and that her statement should be suppressed. a judge agreed with that. >> real quickly, miranda warnings aside, how can
4:47 pm
regusters' outburst impact what they think of her. >> she's crying and screams out i didn't do these things and she doesn't testify, well they kind of have her on record defending herself and saying that she didn't do this. i think that it's not the way it's supposed to be done. you are not supposed to have an outburst in court. i think it helped her in a sense, especially if she doesn't take the stand. the jury will have heard her deny this and to be emotional and to say, i didn't do this and to scream and have an outburst. the kind of things that innocent people tend to do. >> thank you so much for your insights into this case. >> thank you. starting off clouding today. but we got more and more sunshine. what a beautiful looking day. brief relief. we have one more day where the humidity is going to be low before the summer-like heat and
4:48 pm
humidity returns. for the eagles, well, the timing may be just right enough to avoid some of that summer heat and humidity. 84 in philadelphia now. no wind. the relative humidity, only 38%. right now, temperatures are in the 80s just about everywhere. 80 in pottstown. compare this to the 90s throughout the area yesterday. 85 in mount holly. one of the warm spots, believe it or not. it's in the 70s at the shore with a little sea breeze coming in there. a few high thin clouds around the area. this is the radar and satellite. there's nothing that's anywhere close by. our futurecast showing no real significant cloud cover during the day tomorrow. but things are going to change as we go into friday. the clouds start to increase. and then we have just a chance
4:49 pm
of some showers developing during the afternoon. not all of the computer models have that on friday. we're not talking about thunderstorms. saturday is a different story. we have -- especially in the afternoon and into the evening, we have a front coming through. pretty high threat of showers and storms. there it goes moving down to the south. by 7:00 a.m. sunday, it's barely past us. it's a close call. at the moment, we're calling for drying conditions during the day on sunday. so probably more sunshine at 4:00 than we would expect at 1:00. maybe a little bit of a breeze for the eagles game as well. then we have some more comfort after that early next week. tonight, it's comfortable. 67 for the low in philadelphia, 55 north and west. during the day tomorrow, sunny and warm. the low humidity, even lower than today. highs in the mid to upper 80s. the seven-day forecast, the
4:50 pm
humidity just jumps on friday. the temperature goes up. we have the chance of showers. the main threat of showers and storms is on saturday. saturday afternoon, saturday evening. and then we start to dry out on sunday. look how much cooler it is sunday than saturday. plus, much lower humidity. so big different from one day to the next. and then next week it's pretty comfortable as we watch a system to our south just to make sure it stays to our south. a popular pharmacy is telling customers to shop elsewhere for one particular product. >> they still want your business. we will tell you what they are doing to help end an addiction. new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, toasting a record year for pennsylvania liquor sales. nbc 10 explains what the numbers mean for state workers. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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all beds on sale with mattresses starting at $599.99. ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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a major change when it comes to cigarettes and a famous pharmacy chain. cvs announced its let's quit together campaign. they will no longer sell tobacco products. the decision comes along with a new name and focus for cvs. >> chris clackum takes a look at what this means for customers. >> reporter: cvs' decision to quit catering to tobacco users has lit up the 80% of american adults who don't smoke, dip or crew. >> i commend them for willing to lose revenue from cigarette sales. >> reporter: cvs is ditching tobacco to help promote its
4:55 pm
image as a healthcare provider. >> the fact that we're delivering healthcare in a retail environment and at the same time selling tobacco, that contradiction was growing for us. >> reporter: the retailer also has a new corporate name. cvs health. there are critics, even among those who don't smoke. >> people need to make their own decisions. >> reporter: there's disappointment in the tobacco industry. a spokesman said -- especially tobacco users don't like it. >> quit selling them, have i to go from here to somewhere else, which is to take business from them. >> reporter: cvs estimates it will lose $2 billion a year in sales to customers like that. which is not very much considering that the company's overall sales figures are around $126 billion a year.
4:56 pm
anti smoking advocates are hoping that other drugstores will follow suit. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. next at 5:00, stranded by the school bus. >> the trip home from school takes a terrifying turn for a 7-year-old girl. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live in northern liberties. >> reporter: we are asking the school bus company and the palmer charter school how this could have happened. a live report coming up. a beautiful day today. a lot less humid. the summer humidity does return before the week is over. we are watching showers and storms through the weekend. i will show you the timing of that coming up. diner robbery caught on tape. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the video that philadelphia police just released as they search for the gunman. the usual?
4:57 pm
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sky force 10 over breaking news in new castle county. police are on the scene of a shooting in wilmington. this is happening on west 36th street. >> police tell nbc 10 the vis t -- the victim is in critical condition. to this now. after-school drama. a young student's trip home on the first day of school takes an unexpected detour after she's dropped off at the wrong bus
5:00 pm
stop. that girl was missing and alone on the streets of philadelphia last night for hours. i'm keith jones. >> i'm jacqueline london. the girl's mother called us here to tell us what happened. today nbc 10's lu ann cahn went to the school and the bus company for their side of the story. what did you find out? >> reporter: the bus company is investigating. the mother tells us she came here to palmer charter school this morning, not to cause trouble but to try to find out why was her daughter lost and wandering the streets for five hours last night. >> my sister located her in the park in the pouring rain soaking wet. >> reporter: where had she been? >> no one knows. >> reporter: she was escorted out of the school this morning with her son and daughter. she says the school called police because administrators were upset she was talking to us. the school has been in the news lately because the charter is in